Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the Run...

After a nice ride on the bike this morning, I came home and tried a new gluten free bread Canyon Bakehouse for breakfast.

I had it with poached eggs and parsley. It's pretty good, but more hefty in calories and has less fiber than Abigail's brown rice and millet.

Mid-morning I went to my friend Jamie's house. I was little hungry when I got there so I made a small cup of walnuts, almonds and raisins with a side of seltzer.

Her son Joey then showed me how he can get on his horsey. How cute is he?

Jamie and I then went on a whirlwind shopping trip which also included a bite to eat at Panera. I had a greek salad with chicken and their onion soup. They are the first chain I have been to in awhile. I was happily surprised to see the calories on the menu. It looks likes companies are abiding by the law.

We had a a very successful day shopping and caught up on girl talk! :)

When I got home, Dave had started dinner and had decided he wanted gf mac & cheese with gf Bell & Evans for dinner. I added a side of broccoli for some holiday green. I think I had too much broccoli though, ugh my stomach!

Tomorrow is my LAST Wednesday spin class for the year. :( Every Tuesday night I make a new spin mix, and tonight's is holiday inspired!

My favorite Christmas songs:
- Christmas Song- Dave Matthews Band
- O Holy Night- Tracy Chapman
- Christmas- Blues Traveler
- Any and ALL of Messiah


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