Saturday, January 1, 2011

Busy Hectic and a little Drama

Happy New Year 2011... can you believe it!

We drove down to Charlottesville on Wednesday. Since then it's been a nutty and crazy ... Luna and one of the six dogs, Pearl, did NOT get along so in the last two days we have been keeping Luna separated by having her on lead and keeping her in two rooms of the house. The transition of Dave driving home and having Luna for the next two weeks instead of here with me has been a big change in our plans, but is the best decision for family. They left this morning at 6:15 and I already miss them...

In the last two days we have had some good eats!

Thursday night we went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. They have a delicious gluten free pizza crust. I don't know what their crust is made of but I am definitely going to find out because it is amazing and different than other crusts I have had.

Our New Year's Eve dinner:

pork marinated in garlic and orange juice with cranberry chutney
potatoes anna(olive oil and garlic roasted)
brussel sprouts roasted with bacon
salad with walnuts and cranberries

Happy New Year!


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