Thursday, January 6, 2011

Downtown with Kath

Today I met Kath for a BodyPump class at ACAC. It felt great and I am definitely already feeling sore!!

Our post BodyPump faces!

We then met Faith(a c'ville friend of Kath's and a new friend of mine :) and walked to the downtown mall for lunch. Kath had seen the menu at the Tea Bazaar and thought we should try it. The curry coconut soup had smelled so heavenly walking in that I just had to get it!
Kath and I both got the soup and salad special. We thought it was good, but it would have been better if it was thicker.

We then walked down to the new fro-yo place on the mall- Sweet Frog. To my surprise there was a HUGE gluten free sign on the wall! Usually, fro-yo places can not tell you if their yogurt is gluten free or not. As you can see I was excited!!!

I tried three flavors: cookies & cream, hazelnut(which was the best) and cake batter. I will defintely be heading back here before I leave!!

Thank you Kath for a great afternoon and for sharing some pictures with me.

But, oh no my day did not stop there... I then went toIntegral Yoga Natural Foods to pick up some bananas for the kids to have before their basketball games.

While there I found many deliciousness including these delicious local apples...

Then I was off to back to back basketball games. Both Liza & Jack got some court time tonight AND to top it off Jack got a basket the last 2 seconds of the game! Woo hoo!! A great end to a great day!


Amy at TheSceneFromMe said...

Oh how fun! Jealous that you guys can do all this outdoor walking and such. It's freezing where I live and when out I can't wait to get back in. Hoping it warms up real soon!
It even snowed today.
Lunch looks wonderful and those cookies you made to share sound scrumptious too!

Kath said...

Heeeeeey!! Fun times!

(And look at me filling out these Blogspot forms!)

Meg said...

Thanks Kath & Amy!
It was a great day!
I'm working on writing the cookie recipe right now & I'll post it!

Kara said...

It looked like you had a really fun day! I wish we had a self serve fro yo place around here...I'd go EVERY day :)

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