Friday, January 14, 2011

Last Day in C'ville

The road to the farm... will be missed...

But most importantly the faithful steads... Note: the black and white blobs on the front lawn

I had my last morning of making kid lunches for awhile...

Below is Carly's lunch box contents

Then after a HARD BodyPump class I went to Feast to grab some lunch.

The vegetables are always so beautifullly displayed...

My favorite sign: Buy Fresh Buy Local... and cheese- WHAT could be BETTER!?!?

Fruit from the south...

I decided on their specials for lunch: vegetable pesto soup & a beet salad.

I took it home to enjoy in the farm light :)

Later in the afternoon, I had my Cleo salad from Bodo's Bagels . I had stopped there to to grab some bagels for the kids.
Tomorrow, back to Boston to my sweetie and Luna b.


Kath said...

Cville will miss you!

Meg said...

Thanks Kath! I already miss it!

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