Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First day back to school...

Today, after taking the kids to school I went to ACAC, a local c'ville gym, to see if they would let me have a two week membership while I'm in town. They ended up giving me a FREE membership. Woo hoo!! Luckily, there was a spin class I could join. They teach differently than we do, and had a movie playing with subtitles(Iron Man 2) the entire time, as well as have machines on the bikes that calculate the time you are the bike, miles you ride, and cadence you keep. It was really helpful to see all of that while riding.

I then came home and made lunch for my friend Eleanor and I: leftover gf pizza( bbq chicken) over greens.

We then stopped at Shenandoah Joe,a local coffee shop, for a latte.

It was a perfect mid-day pick me up!

The edible Blue Ridge team had just dropped off this seasons pages, which I was excited to get a copy of! :)

Eleanor and I then did errands all afternoon, until we picked up the kids from school.

For snack this afternoon I had half of a Gluten Free Cafe chicken noodle soup. It tasted pretty good, and the noddles weren't mushy which was plus!

I thought I would add an email Dave sent me. The heading: Dave's Food Reality- look at all those veggies! Go Big D!!!!

I made chili with sweet potatoes for dinner tonight. I'll post pictures later!


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