Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Monday

After a fantastic bosu/kettle/spin class that completely kicked my butt, I came home and took pictures of the farm.

Oh what a gorgeous day...

I had a late lunch of Sami's flax and millet lavash topped with goat cheese, a smear of avocado, roasted turkey and mixed greens.

It was DELISH!!

Then, I spent the afternooon working on my thesis and essay for my dietetic internship application. It was a slow process...

I got the kids from school, and then the girls proceeded to tell me that they had told their entire class that they were making cookies for tomorrow, and that it might snow! Good times!

I made a full kid dinner: poatoes gratin, pulled bbq chicken and broccoli.

I'm really hoping that we do not get snow tomorrow!


Jess said...

What a gorgeous farm!!

Meg said...

Thanks! It is a beautiful place!

Kath said...

I miss Virginia!

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