Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rumbling Bridge Countdown

We are on countdown to the PA woods... t-minus THREE days til we leave and there is so much to do.
There was Interval Challenege this morning- what a killer!! I will report on soreness tomorrow. A puppy play date with MacGyver in our backyard. They dug a huge whole and were working diligently on it for about an hour. Good puppy time for Lola.

"what, we didnt do anything..."

Keep digging, you two!!!

Next, I was off to Natick to see a very good friend, and help her get some Christmas shopping in, we are SUCH a good team, even with the new baby in tow(hers!). He is the cutest. I even got my final gifts for our family cousin draw and a couple things for the ladies in our family. We shopped all afternoon, and I was toast after that. Quick trip to Trader Joe's for some wine(for the country) and some car snacks(I'll take pictures later), and home to a CRAZY puppy! She has been off the wall all night!!

Tomorrow,is a cookbook sale at one of Harvard's libraries, I will be there when it opens to finish off the rest of my list...hopefully! :)

Since I havent posted this weeks workouts.
Here they are:
Monday: cardio(30 minutes)
Tuesday: Interval Challenege
Wednesday: Spin
Thursday: dog walking/circuit at home(might try the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred)
Friday: cardio(hopefully)


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