Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Dog Treats

Well, it's been a very productive day- trip to the gym, ALL the Christmas cards written, Wrentham Outlets, and the first trial of dog treats for Lola's friends at the park. Not too shabby for my first official day off!!

This morning I woke early and got a good cardio session in. My hamstrings are
actually tight from the 5k. We got the results back, and I ran 9:40's- not too bad.

Wrentham was a hit. I got some good gifts for the family, and my first pair of Ugg boots. You can't go wrong at Williams & Sonoma Outlet- my smile was from ear to ear!!

But on to the cooking... I made some dog treats tonight- peanut butter and molasses. We'll see if Lola likes them before I write out the recipe.
But here's what they looked like:

- Interval Challenge
- trip to Natick to see my best friend & her Christmas shop(she has a new baby:)


Meg said...

The pups at the park got the treats tonight! Hopefully they'll like them!!

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