Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Reality

The reality during the holidays is that we pick. There is food everywhere- snacks, cookies, extra fixings from meals, etc. Ugh,
it's everywhere. My trick is to always make myself a cup of tea, to really decided if I truly am hungry or "just passing by the kitchen." I know it's hard to deny yourself during the holidays, but I think it's a great time to test out the good old "am I hungry" technique. For instance,
am I hungry or could I wait til the amazing dinner we're having tonight? Or do I want that cookie now, or later when I can sit and enjoy it? Let's challenge ourselves to enjoy our food and not eat when we're bored, tired, stressed over the holidays, etc.
I say to myself, how is this going to fuel my body! I think it helps me make better choices. Truth be told, I had two pieces of bacon this morning...and they were worth every bite!!! :)

Workout wise:
Saturday: 3x hikes through the property
Sunday: 1x long hike 2x short walks around the property & my first Jillian workout. It's 20 minutes but a pretty good workout!!
Monday: 2x hikes and Jillian

That's my plan for now-


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