Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Bread

Oh, did Dave ever get MAJOR brownie points today...he went up to New Hampshire to see his folks and pick up a couple things and came back with 5 yes 5 loaves of my gluten free bread. Now I know it's a little crazy to drive up to New Hampshire to get bread, but lets me be completely honest- most gluten free breads around here are disgusting tough bricks of rice flour. Most gluten free breads, can't withstand anything and crumble when you go to touch them. Abigail's Brown Rice and Millet bread is not only delicious, but withstands toasting, making a sandwich, breadcrumbs,etc. Also, Abigail's bread is around 120 calories for two slices, and about 5 grams of fiber- not too shabby for bread in general let along gluten free! Abigail's mills their own grains, and this bread has a hint of agave nectar which aids in a nice light touch! I LOVE THIS BREAD!!! THANKS DAVE!!

We just got back from a Yankee Swap
Our loot for the day:
- a Snuggie(forest green)
- A Kazoo and How to book
- 5 loaves of bread(ok not from the yankee swap but am still so excited about toast tomorrow morning)


Jen Hirsch said...

I'm coming over for egg sandwiches on gluton-free bread!!

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