Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grocery Shopping

It's snowing in Boston, and we took Lola out to see/play in the snow. She loved it. She kept trying to eat it, and bat it! So cute! What a wonderful night for a family walk. A great way to get some snow on your tongue(for all of us:), take a study break, and get a little exercise! I do love snow, but ice...especially the black kind- what a drag!
Hopefully, this wet but glorious snow will stay on the trees but leave the roads bare for my traditional 7am trip to Market Basket. My absolutely favorite inexpensive grocery store in the neighborhood. From their Cabot cheese, down to their Organic New England Cow milk, across and the down to the BEST produce in town... Market Basket is a great place to get some deals on the your families staples for the week. Yes, there is saw dust on the ground, and sometimes the lines are extremely long, but you suck it up and head out in the early am. Plainville turkeys that are at Whole Foods were on sale at Market Basket for one THIRD of the price. Their canned beans/dried beans are a complete steal compared to any other grocery store. I admit, I do not buy my meat their, other than Plainville ground turkey, but other family staples I sure do purchase at 'the bucket.'

My traditional staples from 'The Bucket':
Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar $2.19
50% light Cabot cheddar $2.00
Part skim mozzerala $2.19
Organic New England Cow 1% fat 1/2 gallon $2.99
Plainville ground turkey(94% lean) $2.99(this is true!)
canned black beans, chickpeas, and white kidney beans low sodium $.69-$.99
Bell & Evan Gluten free chicken tenders( the best gluten free chicken EVER) $4.99-$5.99
Willians Company(VT) organic whole wheat bread(for Dave) $2.00
Apples(whatever is local... and it's been Mactinosh) $.99/lb
Organic carrots $1.39 a BAG
Organic sweet potatoes $2.59/BAG
Organic onions $2.49/bag
Olivia's Organic salad greens $2.00- $2.50 a box

All other staples for the week, we buy at either Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. So yes, I am at atleast two grocery shops a week. But, we eat at home atleast six nights a week, and make our breakfast and lunches at home too! Our total bill range from $80-$110/weekly for two.


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