Monday, December 28, 2009

Missing a little piece of heaven...

Sorry for the delay, it's been a hard couple of days on the home front with Lola, and it has been consuming us.

We had a wonderful time in the country, and thought that a couple of pictures were in order of our wonderful abode.

Our road... I love this road...

Rumbling Bridge

We had some wonderful food while we were away including a trip to the Rolling Rock Club, which was fabulous. I do love their Chippewa soup( tomato, split pea, curry and milk). It sounds weird, but it is just SO good. Everything on the table is so elegantly placed, and sometimes it is fun to dress up(in my new plaid vineyard vines strapless:) and have a nice dinner with friends and family.

Dinner at Rolliing Rock:
Chippewa Soup
Argula salad with sundried tomatoes and balsamic dressing
RRC Trout(farm raised there) with crab and roasted vegetables
Peacan ball(vanilla ice cream rolled in pecans) covered in hot fudge- this I shared :)

Dave gave me Wii Fit for Christmas which he is setting up right now! Ill write more on this later.

Total Exercise for the holiday week:
4x 30 Day Shred workouts
3 miles plus of hikes EVERYDAY
3x sledding

...not too bad....


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