Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post Thankgiving Meals

Two days worth of meals to show you all- phew!

Friday morning I made scrambled egg tacos with peach salsa and baby spinach

Lunch was Trader Joe's edamame hummus(thanks Nys for introducing me) carrots and apples slices.

In between taking Luna on family walks Dave and I did the Biggest Loser Bootcamp! I'm a tiny bit sore today!

For dinner we had the best 'post Thanksgiving' meal EVER!! There was leftover corn pudding, fresh spinach AND GOBBLE sandwiches(turkey with gravy, stuffing, Hain's light safflower mayo, and cranberry sauce). We didn't want our sandwiches to end... we sat their in bliss ...

This morning I read my book Catching Fire while Dave played video games!

Then, I worked on my holiday treats list. I wanted to try out a 'bark' recipe with toasted pecans and dried cranberries(sweetened with pineapple juice). It turned out pretty well!

I then made a turkey salad with celery, toasted pecans, apples, and Hain's light safflower mayo over baby spinach.

It was very filling, and helped power me through our shopping trip to L.L. Bean Outlet. I picked some cute new clothes from their new line L.L. Bean Signature, and this Andover skirt.

After driving home in a snow squall, we decided that turkey was just too much so we got Stone Hearth Pizza for dinner.

We got the Anitpasti which I used as toppers for our dinner greens :)

I ordered the Peperonata(peppers, rosemary, cheese with a kick) and Dave got the pepperoni.

Tomorrow is Dave's birthday... time to go wrap gifts ... ;)


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