Saturday, November 27, 2010

I was on my friend Elizabeth's website Don't(White) Sugar-Coat it, and found the Me Movement.

The Me Movement pledge:

For my health and wellness, I want to put myself first this holiday season. This year will be different. I’ve made (and broken) unrealistic New Year’s “resolutions” before and this year I won’t need to repeat the cycle. I am going to take care of myself during this busy (sometimes hectic) time. If that means asking for help, saying “no”, or scheduling “down time,” I will do it. I’m done being overcommitted.

■I pledge to remember how good it feels when I’m taking care of myself. And when I feel good, I am able to take better care of those I love.

■I pledge to keep in mind that social situations are about the companionship, as much as the delicious food and drinks. I want to enjoy foods that look and taste good while respecting my body’s “fullness” and “satisfied” signals. I won’t judge myself if I ate “too much” of the holiday foods that don’t come around that often.

■I pledge to stay in tune with what my body needs, whether that’s food, rest, exercise, or sleep.

My well-being is my priority. The goals below reflect the healthiest ways I know how to meet my own needs.

Goal 1: I will take a step back and enjoy the season- the change in the weather, the people smiling, and the time we have together... because it really important

Goal 2: I will get three really good workouts in a week and two decent ones ;)

Goal 3: I will listen to my body and my internal hunger cues.

Will you sign the pledge ?


Elizabeth Jarrard said...

I am so glad you found the Me Movement! It is fantastic! I hope you checked out We also have weekly twitterchats about all sorts of topics related to balance, fitness, intuitive eating, and selfcare!
Hope you had a lovely thanksgiving!

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