Monday, November 8, 2010

FNCE '10 Day Three

Another day at FNCE filled with presentations and travels through the expo.

Today, at the California almonds booth, Ellie Krieger, came by to make a dish!

She waved at me, I was excited! :)

The girls and I had a day filled with discussions including the Fat Debate with Walter Willet, as well as many others.

I went to a great presentation on celiac disease and Non-Celiac Gluten-Sensitivity(NC- GS). Today, I learned that since the 1970s, Celiac disease and N-C GS cases have doubled every 15 years, to the point where 1% of the population is gluten free!

For a brain break to we went to Starbucks at the Westin. They had gluten free coffeecake and muffins! I didn't know Starbies had gluten free products, did you all?

We then decided to finish it off with a ladies dinner at Gaslight Brasserie.

I had the french onion soup and shared the roasted apple and goat cheese salad, with a friend.

I was starving, since I only had two pieces of fruit and some little 'trials' here and there all day, so I also ordered the mussels. The broth was garlicy and delicious! We even ordered the creme brulee with four spoons for dessert!

A perfect way to end our first Food Nutrition Conference and Expo!


mrs_reit said...

Dinner was fantastic last night! Always a great time with the ladies! :)

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