Saturday, November 13, 2010

Coming to an End

It must be the end of the semester because my to do list for school is getting longer and longer and my stress level is getting higher and higher...

Deep breaths, good workouts and healthy food is the only way to combat this is my book.

Last night, after a wonderful trip to Christmas Tree Shop, with our 20% off coupon, where I picked up a TON of Bob's Red Mill supplies: GF all purpose flour and brown rice flour and GF pizza crust! Woo hoo!

We then took Luna for a walk, and picked up our dinner- Thai Hut. My friends know how much I love this place. It isn't like a typical take-out thai joint. The veggies are always abundant and Dave thinks their brown rice is the best ever!

Our usual order:
Fresh rolls(with chicken or tofu)
Nam Sod(ground chicken in a ginger and pepper sauce)
Massaman curry( chicken no potato)
brown rice

Since Thai Hut gives you an entire QUART of curry I am always trying to stretch is a little further into three to four meals. To do this I add more veggie, because why not!!
So this time, I added a small sweet potato, red pepper and carrots ;)

Dave's Nam Sod- it looks pretty good doesn't it! It's SUPER spicy!!

My fresh roll- first course! :)

My 'veggied up' curry! With the addition of veggies I still have an entire quart of curry left! So excited to nibble on this all weekend long!

This morning, I'm making gluten filled apple muffins for Dave(it is his birthday month) and granola bars for STRENGTH AND POWER for me!


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