Sunday, November 7, 2010

FNCE '10

Day 2 of the Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo. I went to some great presentations, and met some amazing people throughout the conference and expo. It was also fun to be with my ladies from school!

At the Expo I spoke and met with some of my favorite vendors!

Lundberg Family Farms, the grain product company, has a NEW gluten free couscous. It's really good, and I will definitely be buying this at Whole Foods this week. It's made from brown rice, but looks and tastes just like couscous.

Late July, an organic company from Barnstable, MA has a new gluten free multigrain chip. They let me try their 'dude' ranch, and 'sea salt by the shore.' You all need to try these for sure...

My favorite flour and grain company Bob's Red Mills was also there. I stopped by and spoke to them about how much I love their products.

Mary's Gone Crackers, were also there! A nice healthy snack while walking through the expo!

Food Should Taste Good had a small booth so I stopped by to grab a couple sweet potato chips! They have fiber, taste delicious, and I love them!

King Arthur Flour, has many new gluten free products this year. Check them out! It's always good to support a local grain company, especially as wonderful as this company!

After speaking with all of these vendors, including Cabot, it looks like I'm going to start having giveaways and contests where you all can win some free products. Start getting excited and keep reading!!


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