Saturday, November 20, 2010

I love Charlottesville!

What a whirlwind. Dave drove me to the airport at 6am yesterday and I was in VA by 9. I do love Jetblue!

I got off the plane in Richmond yesterday and my cousin Aubrey and I went to Nordstrom's grab a quick bite, at the Short Pump mall.

I had their turkey and egg sandwich without the bread- it was HUGE. I could only eat about half.

Then a quick trip to Trader Joe's to look for peanut flour. I keep hearing about this stuff on different blogs, and I wanted to see if the TJ's in Richmond had it

When we walked in we saw these glorious brussel sprout stalks... how cool are these... I wonder if I could fit this in my carry on...

We found the PEANUT FLOUR!! I wonder what I use it for... baking perhaps...

For dinner Carly & Liza(my peanuts) and I made a stiry fry! It was perfect!

Then we were off to the 8th grade play! Go Jack GO!


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