Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Thursday to Talk About...

At 6:30 this morning where were you? I was at Be.Yoga in Union Square! My friend Jen helped me back to it this am, and it felt fantastic! I was sweating the entire time, which I loved, and look forward to going back to doing yoga regularly...ok maybe once a week ;)

I then quickly got ready and was at the hospital by about 9:30, and starving by 11:00. So I went up to the cafe, and I noticed these new gluten free morsels, Lucys cookies. Three cookies are 130 calories,and have 2 grams of fiber & protein- not too shabby for cookies. They snap like regular cookies, and taste really delcious! I already looked them up on amazon, and think I'm going to get some this weekend!

Then, I picked up my friend Al, and headed to her new home on the Dorchester/Milton line. She and her beau have a fantastic new home, with a TON of tomatoes, butternut squash, and basil growing in the backyard.

So, I whipped up some tomatoes/mozzarella/basil for her belated 'birthday' dinner!

Our friend Nyssa picked up 1/2 sandwiches and chili for us from City Feed & Supply.

I ordered the half Smoked Turkey(Pesto, mayo, marinated red onion, smoked cheddar cheese, locally made red pepper relish, red leaf lettuce). It was delicious, as always!


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