Monday, August 30, 2010

A Hot One!

Today was a scorcher! After a great workout on the stationary bike this morning, I was ready to start my day. On the exercise front, I'm looking at getting a spin bike for home. I think it would be a good purchase for the winter. :)

Then, I spent half the day in the hospital and was looking forward to coming home and taking Luna for a walk.

Alas, she slept all afternoon...

Then, when I finally got her outside, the wonderful man next door gave us some of his fresh concord grapes! This is the third year he has given us grapes! This year's are unbelievably delicious, and remind me of my childhood. We always had concord grapes at my house, right Mom!!

After a quick trip to the puppy park, I came home and made a 5-layer dip for dinner: black bean dip, roasted corn and parsley, diced avocados, diced red and yellow tomatoes, and Cabot Seriously Sharp & 50% lightcheddar, and ground 94% lean turkey for Dave to have make tacos.

My plate- a little ground turkey and 5-layer dip. I wasn't very hungry!


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