Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tantric and more

Last night I met my friend's Elise, Maryebth, and Marcia at Tantric, a great Indian restaurant downtown.

Some of our meals...

I tried a little of everyone's dishes...

Dave had picked up Kick*ss Cupcakes as a surprise for 'us' girls for dessert!

My mind was bigger than my stomach though and I was glad to have a walk across the Common to our car afterwards ;)

This morning, Dave and I went to the farmer's market in Union Square.

Today's bounty:
4x ears of corn
1x yellow watermelon
1x bunch of basil
3 lbs. of red and yellow tomatoes

= $12

I do love August!

We then did a MAJOR clean up of our utility room and our new guest room. Though, it was a lot of work, it's so nice to have everything nice and organized!

For dinner tonight we made grilled corn, 96% lean burgers, mixed green salad, and roasted red onions and sweet potatoes.


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