Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday =busy day

My to do list today:

- train 4 clients
- drop car off at VW
- purchase and pick up my wedding dress- WOO HOO!
- go shopping for workout clothes with Jamie
- play with baby Joey
- help make baby food
- buy 4x new tires for the car :(

Jamie uses a Beaba Babycook maker to make baby Joey's food.

I helped make his organic peas ;)

Overall, Jamie and I had a great day- doing errands, getting my dress, and just getting down our lists, though the traffic home was awful on 95!

I was trying to rush home for date night. We had decided to go to Elephant Walk, I had a groupon coupon. I was excited to go, since they have an entire section in their menu that is gluten free!

We started with Nataing :ground pork simmered in coconut milk with sliced garlic, peanuts and chili pods; served with crispy rice. It was flavored well, and really got us excited about our meals.

I orded the Salade Cambodgienne: shredded cabbage, carrots and chicken with red bell pepper, onion, roasted crushed peanuts, mint and Asian basil; dressed with tuk trey. It has a really interestingly 'fresh' flavor.

I also got S’gnao Mouan: cambodian chicken soup with chicken breast, lime juice and lemongrass; garnished with scallion and Asian basil. I love asian soups!

Dave ordered the Trey Ang:grilled 8oz deboned trout marinated in lime juice, garlic and jalapeƱo; served with chayote and green apple salad and a chili and lime tuk trey. He said it was super spicy, but really good.

We will definitely be going back.

Elephant Walk
2067 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140


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