Friday, April 30, 2010

Thank Goodness it's Friday

A busy day... I started with a walk around Fresh Pond with Luna, Lenny and Jen. Then, I saw a couple of clients, did some homework, and took Luna to the vet for shots.

Luna and I then went to take her friend Subo out, and stopped by to say hi to Lennym too. He wanted to come home with us and after playing ball outside they both came in for a puppy treat! Aunty Meg always has treats!!

Luna very happy with her 'bully' break!

Len man eating his 'bully' stick

Dave invited Jen & Len(ha- how cute) over for dinner.

Our dinner menu:

93% lean burgers with tomato slices and cheddar or mozz cheese
steamed artichokes
roasted garlic butter
sweet potato oven fries

Jen brought over a card table so we could eat outside. We are going to get a picnic table tomorrow ;)

The table in the looks like summer doesn't it?

My plate and my Harpoon cider...


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