Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun

What a wonderful day to be outside...

We had a great time in NH with Dave's family. We took Luna on two little walks, and had a good visit with his entire family. His grandmother made ham, smashers, broccoli, shrimp, an AMAZING fruit salad, and so much more. I left filled to the brim with fruit salad. I just couldn't stop eating it ;)

The pistachio bark we brought was a HUGE hit!!

We then headed to Dedham to see my fam. We had an adult Easter egg hunt(we had missed decorating), and played bocce.

The empty table during 'egg huntin.'

My cousin Biz's load of eggs

Tyler, Sarah's and Robert's...

Great bocce game made better by the LADIES beating the men ;)

With Luna snoring next to me, I am off to start my epi homework...back to the grind...


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