Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 1- St Louis

Our first day in St. Louie, and it's been jam packed!

We are staying at a Drury Inn. They are great hotels. We've got a workout room, breakfast in the am, and an afternoon snack with wine/beer! I feel like nothing is free, but then again we took Southwest here today, and we didn't pay for our bags, snacks, drinks, and our flight was on time!

We had a great day checking out MO. We went to Adriana's in The Hill for lunch.

I got tuna salad(tuna, veggies and vinegar dressing) with a salad on the side

We then took a walk down to see the Cardinals stadium...

And saw The Arch! We might go there tomorrow before the wedding.

My sweetie and I at the rehearsal dinner

Lilly and Michael had a wonderful rehearsal dinner with bbq and bluegrass!!

My plate

We even had Ted Drewes custard for dessert- delish!!


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