Sunday, April 18, 2010

A brunch, a dinner and some studying

A wonderful filled day with brunch AND dinner plans with my MNT studying thrown in the middle.

We had brunch at Liz and Matt's this morning- it was so great to catch up!

My wonderful plate- veggie omelet, some fruit and a piece of nitrate free bacon-delish!

Dave's plate o' bacon :) The boy loves his bacon!

Liz and Matt gave us a wonderful engagement(love that blue box!)

James, their little munchkin, trying to reach the sink to wash his hands- so cute!

In between meal dates I worked on studying all nutrition therapy, patho and etiology for the upper & lower GI, bariatic surgery, cancer, diabetes, and the liver and pancreas...good I mean fantastic reading and memorizing. Literally, about 100 pages of notes! Dave was so helpful thought, and took Luna to her puppy play dates, was my study cheerleader all day long!

Tonight we went to Beccah and Bryan's for dinner!

Beccah's tablescape PRE candlelighting

Her tablescape 'candles lit'

Our apps for the evening: olives, hummus, rice crackers, cheese and apples for apps

Grilled steak
Roasted red and sweet potatoes
Arugula salad
Chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches(gluten free)
Pistachio bark

I need to STOP using my iphone to take pictures because again the dinner pics did NOT turn out... time to go back to the digital camera! Sorry about that!


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