Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend in October

I started the weekend with my favorite breakfast: poached egg on toast with parsley and ketchup!

Saturday was filled with a birthday party for our friend Jay in Dorchester, and a little Sophie(puppy) babysitting. The puppies played ALL day long and I got a good amount of homework done.
Then after Sophie was gone, I had some time on the spin bike!

Today we met Dave's parents at Flatbread in Amesbury.
I started with their amazing salad with seaweed on top!

Then, a gluten free Jimmy's(free range chicken) pizza! I ate about half! I'm a hungry monster today!

Dave and I then went on a hunt for Abigail's brown rice and millet bread. We came up empty handed but I did find this delicious Andi's gluten free pumpkin whoopie pie. Dave and I shared it on the way home ... it tasted like fall- YUM!

I then made a roaster chicken for dinner! Nyssa it's SOOO easy, I can't wait to teach you!

I put parsley underneath the skin, and cooked the bird at 450F for 20 minutes and 350F for 85 minutes. I put celery, carrots, onions at the bottom of the pan, and stuffed the bird with garlic and parsley.

The finished bird.

We had polenta( I finally perfected it tonight) and peas/carrots with our chicken!

Luna really wanted a bite...


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