Friday, October 22, 2010

It must be HOCR...

It must be Head of the Charles Regatta(HOCR) weekend because the traffic is awful tonight! I was leaving my MSDA Dietetic Internship Workshop at BU this evening and it took be about an hour to drive home!

Though this race weekend was one of the highlights of my rowing career in college, what a mess it makes in Boston, traffic wise!!!!

But, I better start with my morning first ;)

It started with one little puppy pushing her way through the covers and to the bottom of the bed to find my missing sock this morning... mischievous little one...

Too bad she looked so cute!

Then, I headed to work to train a couple clients, and came home and made some delicious egg tacos.

Scrambled eggles with cheddar, rooster sauce, avocado slices, red pepper slices, and Olivia's mixed greens! A perfect start, 'food' wise, to the morning. ;)

Mid-day I had leftover chili for lunch and took Luna on a big walk, and then came home and got on the spin bike for 45 minutes.

Then, I drove over to the 'other' side of the river to the MSDA Dietetic Internship Workshop. I met a lot of the local(MA, NH, and RI) dietetic internship directors as well as learned some valuable information that will help me with my application. Thanks MSDA( Mass Students Dietetic Association)!

I called Dave from the car, and he decided we were going to use ourBuyWithMe coupon for Stone Hearth pizza for dinner.

I have to admit, I was happy I didn't have to cook dinner ;)

I ordered the GF Peperonata which has fontina and parmesan over a sauce of braised red/yellow peppers, onion, rosemary, and tomatoes. It was SOOOO good!

Dave got a pepperoni pizza(no surprise there!) and he ordered their gluten free pasta and meatballs (homemade meatballs baked with ricotta, mozz/provolone, with their signature tomato sauce, and fresh cut basil) too! It was good to try one of their pasta dishes, especially since it was gluten free. Dave loved his pizza and the pasta dish!

My plate...well the first round I had another piece of pizza and small portion of the pasta dish, too!

Happy Head of the Charles Weekend!!!


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