Monday, November 16, 2009

workout buddies

Since last summer a group of us have been getting together once mostly twice a week to "do" Harvard stadium. There are 37 sections, and with our team it now takes about 45 minutes to complete. It is so nice to be outside , chat while "sucking wind" and get a great workout in. We've even got a team together for the American Lung Association Climb in Feb '10- to race up 1 Boston Place.

Someone came up with the idea for a rogue bootcamp- where we meet on a gym floor about once a week. workouts include: sprint, tons of lunges, pushups, abs(including planks), and whatever fun exercises someone brings.

Every Sunday, I send an email to the group explaining what my workouts will look like for the week, if anyone wants to join.

A sample week:

Mondays- stadium 7am
Tuesday- cardio or rogue bootcamp- 6:30am
Wednesday- spin- 7am
Thursday- stadiums- 7am
Friday- rogue bootcamp 7am

I have loved having a group of people to workout with. It's motivating and keeps me on a much more regular schedule with my own workouts.


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