Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lord Hobo

Last night, Dave and I checked out the new "beer" bar in Cambridge- Lord Hobo. We went around 6:30pm thinking that there would be no one there…the weekend after Thanksgiving. The place was packed! We got the last table, on the side. There were lots of people there, laughing and having a good time, even the head brewer from John Harvard's was sitting at the bar having a couple! Dave, of course, as a big beer guy, searched on the LONG beer menu for some new and amazing tastes, while as a gluten freer – stayed with the red wine. After ordering their truffle/parm "chips" for his birthday appetizer, our wine and beer came out. For $8, I'm sorry I do expect to have not a 1/8 pour in my glass. I had the saddest, smallest glass of wine.
Overall, the food was great. We had the truffle "chips" that came with four dipping sauces, truffle ketchup, an aioli, and vinaigrette- very yummy! We also got the deviled eggs- which were six very nicely plated varieties to try- chili pepper, truffle, and avocado- very smooth and creamy. For dinner, I got the mussels which came with MORE fries!! The mussels were cooked to perfection and the broth was very good. Dave got the hanger steak, which came out piping hot and melted in your mouth. The steak came with roasted garlic that you could break out the cloves from to smother on the steak! YUM! Boy heaven- fries, steak, and beer!!

Gluten-free wise, it was just not worth asking on his birthday! So, I have no idea what is gluten free or not. I will admit, I had some stomach pain this morning, but I'm guessing the fries were coated in flour.

After Thanksgiving and the beer bar, I definitely craving veggies and fruits today!!

Lord Hobo
92 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 02141


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