Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Lola, is our almost ten month old puppy. She is from a shelter in Indiana(Lucky Lab Rescue)and quite photogenic as you can see.:)She has been a lot of fun, but also more work than we had expected. Luckly, we have a park around the corner from our house,where she can play with her puppy friends twice a day! Not only is the park great for Lola, but we have met some really great people as well!

Recently, she had had some issues with lurching and jumping on people while on lead outside. We called the experts in from ARL(Animal Rescue League) & City Dog Training to help us out. Our little puppy has been diagnosed with fear aggression. So Dave and I have been working with her on commands and special techniques while on and off lead. Apparently, shelter dogs especially mixed breeds, seem to have more trouble with fear and anxiety than non-mixed breed. Who knew!


Jen Hirsch said...

Lola is an excellent kisser!

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