Monday, November 23, 2009

Holiday Workout Week

This morning I blew it! I just couldnt get out of bed, there the alarm went at 6:32- and there my hand flew out from the covers to slap it off. The next time, I woke up it was 7:11. First off, I can't rememeber the last time I slept duirng a weekday til 7:11- it felt amazing! Secondly, it's one workout, it won't make or break my week.

My plan for this week:

Tuesday- run at the gym
Wednesday- spin
Thursday(Thanksgiving)- Dave and I are having our own Turkey Trot.
Friday- stadiums
Saturday(Dave's birthday)- whatever he wants...which could mean video games and beer all day!

Especially, during holiday weeks- I think it is important to keep moving. Whether it be to bundle everyone up and take a walk on Thanksgiving morning/afternoon or a flag football game with the whole brood.

Some of my family favorites:

-hiking in the Laurel Mountains
- sledding down Rea's Hill
- walking thru the VT woods
- making a "snow" turkey
- signing my ENTIRE family up for a Turkey Trot and not telling them until the morning before...I did this last year , and guess what- everyone loved it! ;)

Most important, make it a happy experience for all family members!


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